New journal looks at Digital Media & Catholic Church

A new journal called Church, Communication and Culture has been launched as an open access publication. This publication is a partnership between Pontifical University of the Holy Cross’ School of Church Communications and Routledge, Taylor & Francis. Dedicated to deepening knowledge and understanding about the dialogue between religion, communication and culture in the public arena, and based on comprehensive data analysis and theoretical inquiry, CC&C offers an international forum where researchers and practitioners can advance quality communication research on the Catholic Church and other religious communities.
Its inaugural issue of journal features several articles focused on digital and social media and the Catholic Church:

Key articles include:

Las representaciones de la familia en Twitter: una panorámica desde la perspectiva de las virtudes sociales [The representations of family in Twitter: an overview from the perspective of social virtues]
Víctor Manuel Pérez Martínez

Assessing changes in the study of religious communities in digital religion studies
Heidi A. Campbell & Alessandra Vitullo

Digital leadership, Twitter and Pope Francis
Juan Narbona