New issue of Journal of Religion, Media and Digital Culture is out

The Journal of Religion, Media and Digital Culture recently released their new issue, which includes great articles on different studies. One of the articles titled, , Counselling Muslim Selves on Islamic Websites: Walking a Tightrope Between Secular and Religious Counselling Ideals, focuses on an interactive counseling service called Problems and Answers. The article was based on ethnographic fieldwork to help explain online Islamic counseling and show the behind the screen aspects of Problem and Answers counseling. Another article titled, Constructing an Identity Online: Logging-On as “Catholic”, spotlights a Catholic social media site called PhatMass. A month-long study was conducted to show how a broader Catholic identity is emerging online. The article explains how Catholic identity formation takes place in a world that is now increasingly more connected online. Some other articles included focus on religious identity and gendered politics, agenda setting and religion, and the quest for mindfulness in Silicon Valley.

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