Starbucks holiday cup controversy

Starbucks has caused a lot of controversy over their decision to change their holiday cups this season. Many people have complained that by changing their cups, it is making war on Christmas. Since 1997, Starbucks has used a holiday themed cup using things like Christmas ornaments, reindeer and snowflakes. This year, Starbucks decided to go for a more simplistic design using red cups with the usual Starbucks logo. Some religious conservatives argue that this is an example of taking religion out of the season by making everything a general "happy holidays.” Twitter exploded over this topic with many people saying to go to other places like Krispy Kreme for coffee and Donald Trump saying we should boycott Starbucks. Some people did not see this as a big deal, while others were very angered by this decision. Although the cups are different this season, Starbucks will still be selling their Christmas blend of coffee.

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