Report shows Internet creates new way for youth to show spirituality

Many young people are looking to the Internet for ways to embrace their religion and their particular interests. The only issue is that there are people who don’t approve and make negative comments online. An example of this is YouTube star Nabiilabee, and the videos she posts about ways to style the hijab and do your make up. Some people love her videos and think she looks so beautiful, whereas other viewers firmly believe that she should not be showing her beauty to random men and that her actions are sinful. Naiilabee has a strong following on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. She enjoys posting videos about styling the hijab and feels that she is helping women. Naiilabee has learned to ignore her critics, which are mostly men. Another example of using YouTube videos is children who are using it to help them learn Hebrew and research things they are learning from their teachers. Although it can be seen as distracting to adults, there are some benefits to watching videos and googling information to learn Hebrew. Overall, the Internet has created a new way for people to show their spirituality and there will always be people who don’t approve of it.

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