Call for Chapters: Book on Religion and Reality (Routledge)

There is a call for chapters for a book on religion and reality through Routledge. The editors for the book are Mara Einstein (Queens College), Katherine Madden (USC), and Diane Winston (USC). They are looking or papers for an edited collection on religion and mediated reality. By reality, they include reality TV as well as “reality” in other video forms as distributed in new media platforms. With reality TV, the editors want the papers to make use of theoretical models including lived religion and late capitalism. Examples of issues that will arise are race, class, religion, and gender. The editors are interested in articles that consider these three ideas:

(1) Historically underserved audiences (non-white viewers, working class
people, believers beyond members of white Catholic and mainline
Protestant denominations)
(2) Representing religion and spirituality to audiences of “nones,”
(3) Religion as a postmodern spectacle

Some sample ideas for papers include:

- "Christly Knows Best: Queering the Southern Christian Patriarch"
- "Conjuring Spirits: Ghost-Hunting Reality Television and Evangelical
Spiritual Warfare"
- "The Amish in the Media Panopticon"
- "Women as second class church citizens in The Preachers of LA"

If interested, please email a 150-word description for chapters that will be approximately 6000 words to by July 15th.