CFP: Electronic Journal of Communication

The Electronic Journal of Communication has a call for papers for their special issue over the Impact of Technology on Interpersonal Relationships, including interest on work on Religious and spiritual life. The deadline for submissions is Friday, October 30. They encourage people to examine both the positive and negative ways in which new media technologies have impacted people’s interpersonal relationships. They consider technology to include social media, cell phones, tablet computers, personal music players, and other types of devices. Here is a list of suggested topics, but not limited to:

-Relational identities
-Virtual relationships
-Online impression management
-Online intimacy initiation, escalation, maintenance, and termination
-The impact of being tethered to technology
-People’s sense of isolation or community
-People’s social skills
-Religious and spiritual life
-Interpersonal and intercultural relationships
-Relationship initiation and maintenance
-Personal relationships in public space
-Changes in empathic abilities
-Sex and gender expression
-Raising and maintaining relationships with children

For more information, please refer to: