Tech inspired by faith booms in Africa


"You sign up to a church here and you are in multiple countries, because you have branches all over the world. So, from day one you are an international software company."

So says Nana Agyeman-Prempeh from Ghana, chief executive and one of four co-founders at Asoriba, which provides management software for churches.

It enables them to keep in touch with their congregations via mobile apps and text messages, and, crucially, monitor and collect digital donations and tithes. They can also send tailored content to individual members of the church.

The company was launched in 2014 and a year later was crowned Africa's best start-up in Seedstars World's global competition.

The son of a pastor, Mr Agyeman-Prempeh saw firsthand the issues faced by those running Ghana's churches - inefficient attendance monitoring and financial tracking, poor communication and engagement with church members, and difficulties in promoting events.

He and his co-founders, who are all Christian, also spotted a business opportunity.

The website does not list Asoriba's prices, but in an interview last year Mr Agyeman-Prempeh said subscriptions start at $9 (£6.75) per month.

"The church already buys things - clothes for people; it builds schools; lots of churches on the radio pay for airtime and some on TV - it's nothing new," he says of his service, which he plans to extend beyond Ghana to Tanzania, Gambia, Nigeria and Kenya.

"It's just being able to adapt existing technology to do your work better," he adds.

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