Are you a registered .catholic?

What’s in a domain?

The Catholic Church is about to find out.

Each year in early August, the Archdiocese of Los Angeles sponsors “C3TC,” the Catholic Communication Collaboration Technology Conference, which brings in dozens of speakers to offer workshops on different tech-related issues for absolutely anyone in the archdiocese.

This year’s keynote speaker was Paul Twomey, an Australian-American Catholic who has spent his career working in various tech-related endeavors, including seven years as the president and C.E.O. of Icann, the “Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.” That organization may sound unfamiliar, but it affects every day of our lives. Icann is the nonprofit body that oversees the internet’s Domain Name System, whereby every website gets its own particular name, and those names are then organized and subdivided around domain extensions like .com, .edu and .org (officially called “top-level domains” or T.L.D.s).

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