CFP: The International Journal of Media and Culture

The International Journal of Media and Culture has a special issue call for papers. The topic is over Self-(re)presentation and aims to showcase different approaches to self-(re)presentation. Submissions are due December 30, 2015. The following is a list of suggested topics to include:

-Questions of methodology and conceptualization of self-(re)presentation
-Historical approaches to self-(re)presentation
-Visual studies of self-(re)presentations
-Audiences for self-(re)presentations
-Practices and uses of self-(re)presentation by particular individuals, groups and communities
-The relationship of audio visual and digital self-(re)presentation to political representation and questions of citizenship
-Self-(re)presentation and Big Data
-Self-(re)presentation, surveillance and sousveillance
-Self-(re)presentational photography and film making as political practice for groups and communities
-Community Media and self-(re)presentation
-Self-(re)presentation and documentary
-Self-(re)presentation and photography
-Invited, facilitated and co-produced self-(re)presentation
-Digital storytelling

Submissions should be 6,000-7,000 words and the instructions are on this website:

For more information, please refer to: