Muslim women face threats online

Many Muslim women are facing threats online. One woman in particular, Laila Alawa, recently woke up in the morning with many hateful tweets. One tweet read, “You’re not American, you’re a terrorist sympathizer immigrant that nobody in America wants and for good reason.” The threats continued on. For Alawa and other Muslim women, the online world has become a place for them to express themselves. However, because of the anonymity online, people can say hateful things that take away this special space for these women. A recent 2016 Australian study found that more than 75 percent of women under 30 reported experiencing some form of abuse or harassment online. Another major issue is that both laws and law enforcement do not know how to deal with digital forms of harassment. “Honestly, I wish Twitter understood what it means for someone to start tweeting out false rumors about me and start taking those threats seriously,” said Alawa.

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