Photogrammetry at the Duke Chapel

The Duke Chapel recently re-opened their doors on May 11th after being restored. The chapel brings in thousands of visitors who like to take a tour of the place and capture many photographs. A few weeks ago, a group of students and architectural historians decided to practice photogrammetry inside the chapel. They wanted to be able to build three-dimensional models to help showcase the chapel in this unique point in history. Photogrammetry uses two-dimensional photos to then virtually create a three-dimensional model. This was a way for the students and staff of Duke University to practice this technique before they head to Italy and Spain this summer to study architecture and archaeology at field sites. It took the group two hours at the chapel and more than 3,000 shutter clicks before they could process all of the software. This newer technology has become a great way for people to gain a better knowledge of their surroundings.

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