SSRC has a new report on Religion, Media, and the Digital Turn

Christopher D. Cantwell and Hussein Rashid are co-authors of a report on the religion and the public sphere program for the Social Science Research Council. The report spotlights the effects that digital modes of research and publication have on the study of religion. The authors hope that the report will help explain religion’s emergent digital landscape and how it continues to evolve. The report is broken up into different parts. The first section explains all of the key terms. Section two explores the crowd sourced and commons-based world of idea exchange where many digital projects take shape. In section three, the authors pay special attention to the tools and methods of production. Section four discusses the many issues affecting digital projects after they launch. Lastly, section five opens a discussion of the technical and institutional issues that affect the sustainability of digital scholarship. The goal of this report is that it will bring awareness to this new work and also gain more recognition for the high quality and innovative work that has already been done.

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