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Virginia Theological Seminary
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I’m an Episcopal priest and serve as the digital missioner and instructor in the Center for the Ministry of Teaching at Virginia Theological Seminary. In September, I’ll be starting an Ed.D. in the Communication, Media, and Learning Technologies Design Program at Columbia University’s Teacher’s College. That means I use technology to help teachers and learners in the church get connected with resources (including digital resources) and new ways of thinking about how faith grows and deepens in our lives. Within that general framework, here are some specifics about what I do or have done: (1) coordinate and host e-Formation, a learning community for ministry in a digital world; (2) serve as primary researcher on foundation-funded Digital Media for Ministry asset mapping project; (3) created and write for Key Resources, the blog of the Center for the Ministry of Teaching; (4) hosted and produced the Easter People Podcast, hopeful conversations about faith and culture; (4) coach and teach for the CMT’s hybrid faith formation cohorts and digital media for ministry course; (5) contribute to Center for Spiritual Resources, Lifelong Faith Journal, Faith Formation Learning Exchange, Episcopal Church Foundation Vital Practices, Seminarium, The Seasons of Adult Faith Formation, and the forthcoming SPCK Handbook of the Study of Ministry; (6) serve on the board of Forma, the Episcopal network of faith formation ministers; and (7) preach, teach, and otherwise help out a bit as a priest associate at St. Michael’s Church and occasional supply priest in the Diocese of New York.
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