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The Effects of Religiousity on Internet Consumption

TitleThe Effects of Religiousity on Internet Consumption
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsSanaktekina, OHesapci, Aslanbayb, Y, Gorguluc, V
JournalInformation, Communication & Society
KeywordsInternet use, religion, religiousity, social media

The relationship between technology adoption and religion has received scant research attention. The complicated process of Internet use among contemporary religious people is affected by the tension between technological developments and religious beliefs. The current research aims to explore the effects of religiosity on Internet consumption in a newly industrialized Muslim country, Turkey. The study utilized a cross-sectional design based on data from 2,698 subjects, selected by stratified random sampling, covering all 12 regions of the country. By offering an exploratory approach, this study sheds light on how various interpretations of religion enable culture-specific observations on Internet consumption patterns, and its relation with different levels of religiosity. The findings revealed that the level of religiosity has a significant effect on the patterns of Internet consumption.