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The Relationship Between Religiosity and Internet Use

TitleThe Relationship Between Religiosity and Internet Use
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsHolbert, GGArmfiel
JournalJournal of Media and Religion
Start Page129
KeywordsComputer, Contemporary Religious Community, cyberspace, internet, Mass media, network, New Media and Society, new media engagement, New Technology and Society, online communication, Online community, religion, religion and internet, Religion and the Internet, religiosity, religious engagement, religious identity, Religious Internet Communication, Religious Internet Communities, secularization theory, Sociology of religion, users’ participation, uses and gratifications, virtual community, virtual public sphere, “media research”, “religion online”, “religious media research”

With the solidifying of the Internet as an influential form of mediated communication has come a surge of activity among media scholars looking into what leads individuals to use this emerging technology. This study focuses on religiosity as a potential predictor of Internet activity, and uses a combination of secularization theory and uses and gratifications theory as a foundation from which to posit a negative relation between these 2 variables. Religiosity is found to retain a significant negative relation with Internet use at the zero order, and remains a robust negative predictor of the criterion variable even after accounting for a host of demographic, contextual, and situational variables. Ramifications for these findings are discussed and an outline for future research building on our analyses is provided.