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Media and religion: Bridging ‘incompatible agendas’

TitleMedia and religion: Bridging ‘incompatible agendas’
Publication TypeBook Chapter
AuthorsLövheim, M
Book TitleFoundations and Futures in the Sociology of Religion
media, religion

This chapter addresses the challenge of finding adequate theories for understanding the growing complexity of the religious situation in Europe and the rest of the world through discussing the insights that can be gained through engagement with theories of the role of media in contemporary society. Various forms of media have become pivotal arenas for the new visibility of religion in Europe. While sociologists of religion are becoming more sensitive to these developments, they continue to lack the conceptual tools to adequately analyse what this means for the role and presence of religion in contemporary society. Following Grace Davie’s (2000) exploration of the incompatible agendas between sociologists of religion on the one hand and media scholars on the other, the aim of this chapter will be to highlight the changes currently taking place and the emerging potential for closer dialogue between these two factions in the future.
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Luke Doggett, Alp Arat