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God, Jews & the Media: Religion & Israel's media

TitleGod, Jews & the Media: Religion & Israel's media
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsCohen, Y
PublisherRoutledge Publishers
CityNew York
ISBN Number978-0-415-47503-7 hbk
ISBN978-1-138-82453-9 pbk

The book centres around the relationship of Judaism and mass media.
It examines how the Jewish religion and the Jewish People have been influenced by the media and the media age. In order to understand contemporary Jewish identity in the twentieth and twenty-first century, one needs to go beyond the Synagogue, Jewish customs and law (halakhah) and the holy days to incorporate such modern phenomena as mass media and their impact upon Jewish existence. The book seeks to provide a comprehensive, yet easy-to-read text, examining the manifold interactions between Jewish religious identity and mass media.

As a religious system influenced by news values and mass media inputs, Mediated Judaism is necessarily influenced by the market forces of news values. Much in religion is not newsworthy. Much in religion does not concern such newsworthy elements as social conflict or elites. Religious belief, often drawing upon the sub-conscious, does not fit such criteria of newsworthiness. Religion-related items that do get defined as news do not stay for long upon the news agenda but are replaced by what else is happening in the news agenda at any particular time.

God, Jews & the Media: Religion and Israel's Media

Routledge (2012)


|Preface: Israel TV interviews God

Part 1 Mediated Judaism

Chapter 1 Media, Judaism, & Culture

Chapter 2 The Jewish Theory of Communication

Part 2 Media Culture Wars

Chapter 3 Constructing Religion News: the religion reporter decides

Chapter 4 News Values, Ideology and the religion story

Chapter 5 Mikva News

Chapter 6 Dual loyalties: the modern Orthodox dilemma

Chapter 7 Identity, Unity & Discord

Part 3 Issues in Mediated Judaism

Chapter 8 www.techno-Judaism

Chapter 9 Kosher Advertising

Chapter 10 The Marketing of the Rabbi

Chapter 11 At bay in the Diaspora

Chapter 12 From out of Zion shall come forth the foreign news

Conclusion: Judaism in the Information Age

Selected bibliography