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S(l)Pirituality. Immersive Worlds as a Window to Spirituality Phenomena

TitleS(l)Pirituality. Immersive Worlds as a Window to Spirituality Phenomena
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsMartinez-Zárate, P, Corduneanu, I, Martinez, LM
JournalHeidelberg Journal of Religions on the Internet
KeywordsPhenomena, Spirituality

This paper focuses on several conceptual and methodological considerations for studying spirituality in Massive Multiuser Online Environments (MMOEs), taking Second Life (SL) as our main case study. This inquiry represents the follow-up of two previous research lines, one related with pop-esoteric products and operational belief system, and the other with communication patterns and social networks within online environments. Hence, our current objective pretends to highlight how operational belief articulates, or acquires meaning, through users’ interaction inside online environments.