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Religious engagement with the internet within Israeli Orthodox groups

TitleReligious engagement with the internet within Israeli Orthodox groups
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsCampbell, H
JournalIsrael Affairs
KeywordsAuthority, community, internet, Israel, Judaism, Orthodox, religion, ultra Orthodox

This article provides an overview of research on religion and the Internet within the Israeli context, highlighting how Orthodox Jewish groups have appropriated and responded to the Internet. By surveying Orthodox use of the Internet, and giving special attention to the ultra Orthodox negotiations, a number of key challenges that the Internet poses to the Israeli religious sector are highlighted. Exploring these debates and negotiations demonstrates that while the Internet is readily utilized by many Orthodox groups, it is still viewed by some with suspicion. Fears expressed, primarily by ultra Orthodox groups, shows religious leaders often attempt to constrain Internet use to minimize its potential threat to religious social norms and the structure of authority. This article also highlights the need for research that addresses the concerns and strategies of different Orthodox groups in order to offer a broader understanding of Orthodox engagement with the Internet in Israel.