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More Americans Are Seeking Net-Based Faith Experiences

TitleMore Americans Are Seeking Net-Based Faith Experiences
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsGroup, BR
Series TitleBarna Research Online
KeywordsAmericans, Faith, internet

You can buy books on the Internet, strike up relationships on the Internet and a growing proportion of the population are experiencing God in cyberspace, as well. A new study released by the Barna Research Group, of Ventura, California, indicates that among the growing number of Americans who use the Internet, millions are turning to the digital dimension to get them in touch with God and others who pursue faith matters. The report projects that within this decade as many as 50 million individuals may rely solely upon the Internet to provide all of their faith-based experiences. Among the findings of the studies described in the report is that born again and evangelical Christians are every bit as likely as non-Christians to use the digital superhighway. Catholics and mainline Protestants are slightly more likely to use the Internet than are Baptists and Protestants who attend non-mainline churches. Adults who are affiliated with a faith group other than Christianity have one of the highest concentrations of Net usage (85%). Adults use the Internet for a wide variety of activities, regardless of their faith commitments. The most universal value of the Internet is to find information, but other common uses include maintaining existing relationships, buying products, and previewing new media.