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Believing in the Net: Implicit Religion and the Internet Hype, 1994-2001

TitleBelieving in the Net: Implicit Religion and the Internet Hype, 1994-2001
Publication TypeThesis
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsPärna, K
Date Published2010
UniversityLeiden University Press
CityLeiden, the Netherlands
KeywordsAnomie, Disenchantment, Giving meaning, Hypes, ICT, Implicit religion, internet, Modernity, Sociology of religion, Technophilia

Starting with Weber’s disenchantment thesis, a sociological tradition has developed that associates modernity with a crisis of meaning. The de-mystification of our worldview and the decreasing influence of religious traditions in specific are seen as obstacles for making sense of human existence. But in fact, modern societies are full of meaning and they continue to be religious. This study shows that, in an implicit form, religion can be found everywhere in our culture. The Internet hype of the 1990s was a particularly effervescent example of implicit religiosity. The hopeful discourse about the Internet that typified this hype drew on religious ideas and language, and it inspired strong belief. This dissertation explores the appeal of the Internet as an object of faith and it looks at how it could serve as a source of meaning.