Buddy Christ-Demotivational Poster

Parent Meme: 
This derivative meme mixes the Buddy Christ image with a Demotivational Poster genre.

Demotivational Poster Posters (a.k.a Demotivators) are typically designed to discourage one’s moral strength and diminish one’s self-esteem. It usually consists of a picture, centered and bordered in black, with an all-cap title written in white, and in some cases, a tagline written in smaller font.

Buddy Christ Demotivational Posters focus on sarcasm and critiques of religion, specifically Christianity. This example appears tongue-in cheek explaining why the Buddy Christ image is more appealing than the traditional Crucifix image which it seeks to replace. However, it can also be seen as critical or demeaning of Jesus as the central figure of Christianity.

Religious Affiliation: