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I am a PhD student in the Communication department of Texas A&M University. My research focuses on digitally mediated religious communication with an emphasis on peer to peer networking and power relations within religious environments. I hold a Master's degree from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada. My thesis encompassed an ethnographic field survey of Coastal Church, a multi site non-denominational Christian institution located in the city of Vancouver. Coastal seamlessly integrates digital media into every facet of its operation and for this reason was an ideal field site to test theories related to digital religion such as the Religious Social Shaping of Technology and the mediatization of religion. Data culled from my field work was indicative of a banal religion at Coastal in which the convenience of digital media has overtaken the authenticity and depth of the religious experience as well as a learned distraction among worshippers. However, results also indicated heightened levels of hierarchical control and efficiency in religious message transmission by Coastal's pastoral team.
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