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University of Wuerzburg
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Biography Statement: Prof. Ilona Nord is a Protestant theologian from Germany. She works at the University of Wuerzburg as a professor for Protestant Religious Education with an emphasis on the Didactics of Religious Studies since October 2015. Before she was professor for the Didactics of Protestant Religious Studies with an emphasis on inclusion at the University of Paderborn. From 2013 until then end of 2016 she will as well be a visiting academic at Umeå University in Sweden. There, she teaches at the Department of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies with a research focus on Religious Media Socialization. As a junior professor for Practical Theology at the University of Hamburg, Prof. Ilona Nord was concerned with several research topics including “Social Media, Christian Religiousness and the Church - Studies on the Field of Pracitical Theology with a Focus on the Pedagogy of Religion” from October 2010 until December 2014 [Originaltitel: Ilona Nord/ Swantje Luthe: Social Media, Christliche Religiosität und Kirche. Studien zur Praktischen Theologie mit religionspädagogischem Schwerpunkt. Garamont Wissenschaftsverlag, Jena 2014]. At the University of Muenster she has received her post-doctorate degree and qualified as a university lecturer with a thesis entitled “Realities of Faith. The Virtual Dimension of Christian Religiousness” [Originaltitel: “Realitäten des Glaubens. Die Virtuelle Dimension Christlicher Religiösität”, Berlin 2008].
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