Mona Abdel-Fadil

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University of Oslo
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Feb 2012 - submitted PhD dissertation to University of Oslo, entitled: Living 'the Message' and Empowering Muslim Selves: A Behind the Screens Study of Online Islam Publications 2011: The Islam-Online Crisis: A Battle of Wasatiyya vs. Salafi Ideologies? 2011: New Modes of Communication: Social Networking, Text Messaging, Skype: Egypt Encyclopedia of Women & Islamic Cultures (Title fixed, content about Marital counselling services on and 2011: Islam Onlines ekteksapsveiledning (Islam Online's Marriage Counselling) in Babylon, 1. Forthcoming: 'Islam Online Guides Spouses towards Marital Bliss: IOL’s Counselling Perspectives on Marital Communication' in Muslims and the New Information and Communication Technologies (Preliminary Title) (eds. Larsson, Gjöran and Hoffmann, Thomas). Springer. Other articles dealing with online Islam submitted for review. Other: Coordinator of Nordic Network on Media and Religion
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