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Monique Ingalls (PhD, University of Pennsylvania) is an ethnomusicologist and Mellon Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow in Popular Music & Culture at the University of Cambridge. Monique’s research interests center on the intersections of music, media, and religion. Her monograph (in progress) will explore how evangelical Christians in the US, Canada, and the UK use praise & worship music, a mass-mediated congregational song repertory, to negotiate ethnic, religious, and denominational identities. Monique is co-editing two books on music Christian congregational worship and is co-organizer of the conference “Christian Congregational Music: Local and Global Perspectives” at Ripon College Cuddeson, Oxford. Her current research explores the interface between online and offline devotional practice through an analysis and ethnography of worship music videos on YouTube. Other recent and forthcoming publications explore the globalization of Christian popular devotional music; the intersections between congregational worship and popular music performance; and the use of congregational music in the Canadian public sphere.
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